pic: Team 8 Teaser #1

Team 8 cad’ing furiously!

I love how they drew out the computer screen and its program and acted like they were actually doing it on the computer :stuck_out_tongue:

CAD’ing furiously? I could CAD that part in less time than it took to draw that, and I’ll bet you could too!

Then again, I don’t know what that part does, and you do. At least I hope you do. :rolleyes:

It would of been funnier if the screen was drawn in ms paint and photo shopped in afterwords. ROFL!

This is pretty darn adorable. You guys make me smile. (:

Thats a pretty good drawing of the Solidworks user interface.

Thank you for making me laugh. Marie

More like adorkable, like we say over here in PA. lol :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA, that made my day. I will have to show this to the rest of my team once our meeting starts. :]

Dude what new version of CAD program is that?! I so want it. I love the paper mario themed graphics?

That is extremely clever… :slight_smile:

You Rock. Bravo on that part. I know exactly what is is used for. BUT I’m NOT TELLING.