pic: Team 8 Teaser #2

Here is a little sneak peek at some of the parts we are CNC’ing on our Tormach

Very nice winch dog gear setup.

Looks to me like it’s also set up for ratchet and pawl. Nice use of a double safety feature there.

Also a great in-action shot of a CNC at work with coolant flying everywhere…

The coolant is more clear than anything I’ve ever seen. What is it exactly?

Is this a ratcheting system for the . . . hanging system?

The coolant is McMaster part 1216K15…“Synthetic 600 Coolant”

I find it interesting that you are engaging the ratchet with a dog.

Assuming this is for a stored energy system, what was your basis for this decision?

I’ll venture a guess:

The dog is to engage and disengage a motor, but the ratchet takes the loads so that the motor isn’t stalling holding the ratchet in place. The motor must disengage when the system is fired to reduce the friction when the ratchet (and whatever it’s holding) spins.

we have 2 reasons why we machined the dog gear in the ratchet. first off, the above guess is correct, and second of all. we did this because we could :wink:

-Team 8


How do you like the Tormach? How old is it? We have one too. Nice little machine, made 24 sprockets for our machine this year and still counting.

Regarding your coolant. How has the coolant held up. Do you find that it eventually lifts the paint of the coolant tray? So far we have tried two different coolants and they both cause the paint of the coolant tray to lift.

What CAM program are you using? We are using mastercam and have been pretty happy with it.

Mentor for Team 368

I have been using the Tormach for i think 50 plus hours and about 30 plus cnc jobs, and i love it! I do not know how old our machine is because we got it generously donated to us by Tormach, we got it used, but in a fantastic condition(many thanks to Tormach).

The coolant we use work great, tho we usually dont use flood coolant for aluminum which is prime material we work with and we just use compressed air for that. We have not had any problems with the paint chipping off, What kind of coolant are you guys using? the only little problem we have had with the coolant is that it does evaporate with time so you have to make sure the container is full when starting a new job, otherwise you might run out when you are half way thought a cut(trust me this causes a bit of panic)

I have been CAMing everything with MastercamX3 which does work, even though it was really hard to figure out (self taught). and the fact that ctrl S is not actually a save hot key, did cause some swearing :wink:

-Rasmus Rossen
-Build Captain, Team 8