pic: Team 801 CAD

This is an updated rendering of 801’s robot

wo what do you all think

Very very nice, solidworks or inventor???

Did you use ball transfer units instead of casters/omnis?

Nice work. :cool:

This was done in Inventor 2008

No they are Omni wheels in the CAD the round shape is a place holder

Very nice work–loved the internal details. :smiley:

wow! nice work, this looks really great guys! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Very nice work… I wish I could do as good.

That is shiny. Hope we get next years bot cadded like that.


nice CAD, But you need to make your bumpers:)

I made the bumpers but chose to keep them out of the render because it blocked the view of the drive system

Dude, that is awesome and how long did it take? I’m new to CAd and I’ve been learning Solidworks.

300+ hours of CADing that is including everything from ideas to the wires you see on the robot. To Render my computer took 11+ min.

Or you could say if i was not doing stuff for school during the first 3 weeks build season I was working on this