pic: Team 801 can FLY

Finals Match 3 at the Florida Regional where we flew (sorta) Photo Credit: Chris Minerva

Coach to drive team: “Men, they got Krunch, they got 12V. We’ve got a hill to take, so let’s go!” Good job at UCF. “Clap”^99

What I like about this picture is that there are three robots, and none of the three are on their wheelbases.

Our’s was the first to go :o , then KRUNCH flipped trying to cross the bump to continue scoring since we were out of commision.

that was great match :smiley:

Up untill we lost due to mechanical faliure :rolleyes:

86,1251 and 1612 were very good and I wonder how things would have turned out if our lifting piston hadn’t decided to deploy mid-match…twice…

Great picture!
I can kinda feel a deep sense of determination coming from that lone upright robot. Like the robot is saying “I can do this!” while traversing the bump.

Our pit crew claimed one year to have convinced another team’s scout that our robot could fly. This is something else.

New Bash at the Beach talent competition…what team can get the most air.

I have to say, every match your alliance played had me on the edge of my seat and glued to my computer screen rooting for you. You guys should be really proud about how well you did.

yeah… something we wont be able to do