pic: Team 801

Check out the video from our first run.

Great team photo with completed robot! It looks good on video. See you at UCF!

solid work, can’t wait to see it go, any vids or you gonna make us wait until UCF.

This is from the first time we drove…

Holy crap that gripper is awesome lol! I was thinking to myself now what the heck is it gonna do and Bam unfoldimatron and grabs the ball, can’t wait to see it at ucf.

Nice work to Dave,Jeffery,Drew and company can’t wait to see it at the Fl regional looks like it will be a fierce competitor. Nice elevator by the way :smiley: .

I’m in -love- with that gripper. It’s really the only good way to phrase that.

Wish we could partner up again sometime this season!

wow guys looks awesome. cant wait to c it in action at Florida! 21 days and counting!!!

It works partly due to the help from Guzman. If he never sat down with us I dont think it would have ever worked…

Very Nice…

I love that claw. It looks so cool, and seems to work very well. I am glad you guys got the elevator to work. Looks very good.

I hope we get to play together and not against each other like usually. :wink:

nice job guys.cant wait.

I concur - that grabber action is unique and awesome.

great photo. awesome robot. GOOD LUCK! :smiley:

Must be one heckuva engineered 4-bar linkage. Looks pretty sweet. This was one brainstormed idea that I didn’t think would work, but it’s nice to see I’m proven wrong. Good luck this season!

And it was! But it all started out with popsicle sticks and some push pins.

How did the popsicle sticks and the push pins evolve into this gripper? It is so fun to watch and so fast. Goodness.

You can use straws and push pins to make pretty effective models of pinned connections for linkages such as this gripper or a jointed arm. At my work, we use them for our “Engineers in Training” workshop’s lesson on trusses (where people often accidentally make 4-bar linkages…). I imagine popsicle sticks would work similarly, but are probably a lot stiffer.

Another video of from the first day running…

Your robot is awesome. At the Florida regional while I was helping with scouting you guys were on the field and when you extended your claw my attention went directly towards the field. I was like do what, i love it. Good job and good luck in Atlanta.