pic: Team 801's driver station

Team 801’s Driver station for the 2009 season built by 2 students. The controls are 3- home-made joysticks, 7- momentary switches, 2- toggle switches, 2- pots and 2- 8 position switches.

That is a cool driver station. It reminds me of pink’s from last year.

How did you wire so many pots into the 4 analog ports on the driver station?

We did not wire anything into the analog ports on the drivers station instead we found a joystick that had enough analog pot inputs and took the control board out of it so we used that to run everything into one USB port.

This is the joystick

It appears to fold up… Does it and if it does do you have pictures of that?

It does fold up, and lights up, and is easily the coolest driver station I saw all season. I was lucky enough to see it at Palmetto, and I was truly impressed. Great job guys!

edit: On second look, I think that is our robot in the back right corner.

RMS11 you are correct it does light up and fold up. We are currently working on getting some yellow cold cathodes for it. (Instead of the green ones)


wow, looks great!!! I love how it looks folded and unfolded!!!

Jeff, this is amazing and I love your box. Can’t wait to make “our” box soon. 1323 would look so nice in those 801 spots.

Thanks Jeff,

Loving the CAD btw…

Very slick driver’s station…we’re envious!!


I’m guessing they had some bright (pink) inspiration

that is really cool
great job
mike d

outstanding job.
Did you get the idea from 233 last year?
Its a great offseason project idea for our team next year. :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

If anyone would like to see it I have posted it here