pic: Team 801's Sally 5 85% complete

Sally is currently undergoing massive liposuction in order to cut about 30 lbs from her. This is the first year that we had full machining support, and right now as it is in the picture she is 12 lbs overweight and is still not complete. We disassembled her and sent her back to the machine shop to get more weight cut out and prepped. We will get her back on Wednesday and finish the assembly to have a couple of days to practice with our autonomous, and driving.

I would just like to say thank you to ASRC Aerospace for our machining support. As well as our other Key sponsors Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance.

looks awesome…woudl love to see this one in action.
Good Luck!
which regionals are you guys gon by the way?

Looks pretty nice.

How much does it weigh? How do you get the balls to the feeder/how do you feed them? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like it…but does the shooter change angles at all or do you control RPM for distance?

Where’s that last 15% :wink:

  1. were going to Orlando

  2. weighs in right now about a buck 32. By tomorrow it will be back down to about 110

  3. shooter angle may change depending on weight restrictions

4.the last 15% (ball router) is waiting at the ASRC Machine shop. and the electronics need to be installed along with our bumpers. :slight_smile:

That looks like previous year robot =P

i can tell by the gearboxes and the design for the small balls used in the game 2 years ago

i could be completely wrong, lol

It looks like a 2006 robot because it is a 2006 robot. (It’s generally wise to check the date of the posts in a thread before posting in it to be sure the information–and thus any reply–is still relevant.)

i jsut clicked on robot showcase, lol…figured it would show sorta recent posts

GAHHH THATS THIS ROBOT! http://www.team801.org/website08a/gallery/2006/flreg/014.jpg

I think its gonna be hard for us to compact that 40 inch ball into our thrower…but thats my 2006 ball shootin beauty!

2 years old or not, that’s a beautiful machine

At least we don’t have to worry about balls jamming up together in mechanism feeders this year.

I agree, that’s an impressive looking 2006 bot.