pic: Team 81 LCARS Controls

This is our control panel, including a laptop running custom dashboard software. It took close to 40 hours to rebuild that laptop from a pile of parts… :slight_smile:

Oh man that laptop is amazing. We have some dashboard code this year, but it runs on a laptop that we have to set up underneath our controls. It’s a pain to set up the laptop, set up the controls, make sure everything is plugged in a communicating, and then break it down after each match.

That is a very slick setup you have.

any screenshots from the custom dashboard program?

See pic here:

what kind of laptop is that? Tablet PC?

HP OmniBook 6000 800MHz Pentium III 128Mb RAM 8Gb HD.

I know, just a little overkill, but it was in the trash… :smiley:

I wish I found stuff like that in the trash… :slight_smile:

has anyone seen the new laptops with the screen you can slide forward then fold back to turn into a tablet? those would work good for this.