pic: Team 81 LCARS Dashboard Screenshot

This is a screenshot of the custom dashboard program running in our controls.

The colors are washed out due to the JPEG compression; in real life they are much more vibrant.


the border kinda has a TNG feal going for it

Wow, that looks really cool!

This may have been answered before, but I figure I’ll ask anyway. How was this done? I don’t need to know exactly, but I’m just curious on how you guys actually wrote the dashboard software.

What is this “Falcon” feedback that is similar to the CMUcam?

See http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/23183

That is the name of my vision system. :slight_smile:

Regarding how this was done, I used Sean Witte’s dashboard container and created a custom view from scratch in VB .NET.

I’m really diging the StarTreck theme. Exactly how do you determine distance from the goal?

Very cool, I’m glad someone found a use for the software.

Very Nice. TNG was one of the best series I think. Gene Roddenberry, who first started star trek, did so with the idea of sparking hope in the future for Americans during the cold war. People at the time thought that the technology will one day destroy the human race. Roddenberry showed them a world where humans interacted with technology to create a better place to live. Unfortunately at the time, there was little support for the show. The Original series (TOS) was shutdown after only three seasons.

In the 70’s there was a revitalizing of star trek when trekkers (those who are dedicated to TOS) pressured paramount pictures to create Star Trek the Motion Picture. This was a block buster (even though I don’t think it was one of the better movies in the star trek movie series). Star trek then made 5 other movies finally ending the TOS generation.

Star trek did not die however it spawned into a new series correctly names Star Trek the Next Generation (TNG) which aired in 1987. This series was a hit. This series featured famous actors, such as Patrick Steward as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and LeVar Burton who had stared in Roots. As the series grew, Paramount dedicated more money which created better special effects. TNG also made four movies, one of which opened only three years ago.

In 1991, tragedy stuck Gene Roddenberry passed away. With him left the true meaning of Star Trek. With out Roddenberry at the controls of Star Trek the writers wanted to veer from the original happy-go-lucky attitude on which Star Trek was founded and it show the future in a more violent light. TNG was cancelled after 7 seasons, even though it still had great rating. Paramount started a new Series Star Trek Deep Space 9 (DS9). This was set on a space station and had many galactic war scenes. This may have ruined star trek forever. Even though it aired for 7 seasons, many hardcore Trekkies (those who jumped on the bandwagon during TNG) and Trekkers were turned off by this new portrayal of the future.

Star Trek writers realized their mistake early in the DS9 program and began to develop a new series called Star Trek Voyager (VOY). VOY was set on a ship which had been thrown across the galaxy by an unknown entity and their voyage home. Unfortunately the writers used too much technology and only the hard core fans were able to keep up with the terminology. VOY was cancelled after 6 seasons.

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Wow, thanks for the history of Star Trek! :smiley: You really must be a hardcore Trekkie… I like TNG and VOY but my favorite is Stargate. :slight_smile:

How does one go about creating a Dashboard? Is there sample code out there somewhere that demonstrates a basic dashboard?

I’m particularly interested in a Vex dashboard, but am curious about what’s necessary to create one for FRC as well. How does the robot communicate the data back to the dashboard? over TCP/IP? If so, where does one get the appropriate devices, and are they available for the Vex?



All the data you need (and really, all you’re allowed to use in an FRC match) is found through the Dashboard port on your OI.

IFI released information on the Dashboard spec on their website, which would let you roll your own. National Instruments also created a setup in LabVIEW that would let you create a Dashboard as well. (In fact, partially because it was easier and also because LabVIEW is awesome about supporting OS X, that’s what we did this year. It was just a matter of finding the right drivers for our mystery USB-serial adapter.)

You can download a dashboard-like app for the IFI mini controller here:


This is old, but it works pretty well. It includes a crude graphing module as well. The app gives you a set of virtual joysticks and communicates with the RC through a very basic protocol using the serial port.

The dashboard apps for the RFC-class robots run from a datastream provided on the Operator Interface.