pic: Team 811's Rack


This is team 811’s rack all that is left is to mount the stingers. then the practice begins… yah.

That spoiler looks a bit on the thin side…

The rack looks great, nice job.

looks great. supposedly someone on my team built half the rack but we haven’t really needed it so i haven’t seen it. i hope it looks as good as that.


I don’t understand why people are posting pictures of normal racks. I understood when one team had it hanging from the rafters, with no supports, just the spiders hanging. But this is just a normal rack, we all have/ will have one/half of one, so why are people posting these pics?

To show that they can make them and be succesful. Were proud of our rack…

nice rack! it looks almost like ours. we have some different things here and there.

ha…if only our rack looked as nice as that…but of course it is a working rack…so i cant complain

i wish our rack looked that nice, our frame is some 2x4s then for the leg we have pvc pipe, particle board for the round part which i cant remember what it is called for some reason, and instead of chain we have shock cord…its pretty pathetic

This needs to go in the build season quotes thread. Really.

Nice rack, by the way.

Nice rack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ours right now is just PVC stuck together on a christmas tree stand with dog bowls (yes, we have 100’s of them) for the diamond plate.
BUT WE WILL MAKE ONE :slight_smile: :slight_smile: