pic: Team 830, The Rat Pack at Waterloo Regional

A picture of our robot, with 10 balls at the waterloo regional.

I like the “Pimp” sticker…

It actually says “Mr. Pimp” Which is our unofficial robot name. WE bought the sticker at white castle.

But the robot is actually pretty slick now. Karthik likes it too :smiley: ( the one in canada and one on our team). Its got a holonomic Drive that works really well and drives straight using a gyro and two encoders. The shooter is low, but we can get open pretty well with the Twister drive. We have a pretty good human player and we scored about 36 points in 5 seconds at waterloo. I guess the lesson is dont leave us open, but there’ll be 2 alliance members to worry about, plus we can work awesome off picks set by our partners.

Here is a beter picture of the “Twister” drive : Twister Drive