pic: Team 836 Teaser # 1

Now all we are waiting on are the treads, and the bling bling.

I think I’m getting smarter or something…
This year, I’ve been able to figure out a lot more of the teasers than I have in previous years!

Well, now that you’ve covered John’s salary for a while… :wink:

Guessing by the sprockets (and flipped chassis), are y’all planning 4WD?

Yes, this year we are using a 4 wd, with a sweet 2 speed transmission. Pics and specs to be posted sometime this week. :smiley:

Is it me or is a lot of teams using the IFI wheels this year.

You can’t make that assumption when you have only seen teasers from maybe 30 teams. Although i am pretty sure you are right. I also have my money on alot of teams using wheel chair wheels with conveyor belt material in a 6wd configuration.

And I can see why alot of teams, mine included are using them. They are AWESOME!!!. Light weight, strong, can be set up in just about any configuration, and can be upgradeable, but that comes later. :smiley:

you stole are idear gosh

the wheels look awesome, but the fact that there are only four and the kit frame in the back round it much less exciting.

True, but the exciting part about this drive train isn’t what is pictured. But will be posted sometime later. The wheels are just the beginning. :smiley:

Odd, looks similar to some of our wheels… :yikes: