Pic: Team 836's 2008 Robot

We are proud to show everyone our 2008 robot! We look forward to seeing you at the competitions!

Go Robobees!

Best regards,


Looking good - can’t wait to see it in action next week! :slight_smile:

I spy a ball knocker offer in the back – do you plan on using it during Hybrid?

I don’t think we are going to use it during hybrid. We are concerned that if we miss and hit the cross bars of the overpass, bad things can happen:ahh: A robot on its back is never a good thing.

Hellooo from the NE :smiley:
What a super job on the Team 836 bot, looks nice and clean. I like the set up and you should have some fun with this one. Maybe we will get a chance to play together in MD sure hope so, I think maybe we we could work very well as a team! We wish you good luck in NJ and we will Seeeeee Yaaaaaaa in MD.
oh ??? yeah ??? ---- OH !!! YEAH !!!

Team 88 TJ2 and MOE :yikes:

As mentioned in another thread with Steve, we have almost the exact same thing and we dont want to chance using it during hybrid also.
But during teleop period, it will be very effective as we feel the same way too.
Our arm can knock balls also, but this method is so much faster, efficient and safer. See you at Chesapeake!!

With all the dissapointment, we never really got to thank you guys. For my team I just wanna say thanks for everything down at Chesapeake.