Pic: Team 841 The BioMechs


So…what do you think?

That is awesome. Congratulations!

We built a very similar fork-lift design, how many tetras can you stack at once?


That looks great and light weight too. Good job

I believe we can stack up three tetras at once. I’m not sure though. The robot is lightweight. Last time we checked it weighed in at under 100 pounds. Thank you for your comments; every bit helps!

looks amazing! is there a catch there so the tetras dont fall off? i proposed something just like that, but we ended up deciding on something else.

Well, we couldn’t quite finish the the stablelizing mechanism so we plan to do that at the regional. We were working, on a pneumatic claw which will hold the tetra in place so that the driver can maneuver the robot quickly.

well, tell me how well it does at your regional alright? I want to see how well a design really similar to my own fares. =) good luck!!

Sure, we’ll get back to you. Thanks; good luck to you too!

Very lightweight…but how easy is it to get the tetras off the ground, or do you? Also, how high can it reach?

For the most part, we plan to drive up to the auto loading station and getting a tetra from there. Another option is to have the human player set a tetra onto the robot. In other words, we do not plan on picking up tetras from the ground. Also, the forks have some springs to allow them to swivel out as the tetra is being lowered onto the goal. The forks can clear the center goal quite easily. I am not sure about the exact height; I believe it is about 8 feet right now.

we did sorta the same thing in the way of the lifter. we nested a stepladder!

Looks nice wish u the best of luck.

yeah weeeeeee…I hope we do much better…in our San Jose Regional…we modified it so we hope it runs alot better.