pic: Team 842 Arm and Grabber Concept

Team 842’s robot with arm and grabber. Note that a way of mounting the arm has not been finalized. Arm dimensions are legal

Ahhh…so that’s what it looks like. Neato! Might be easier to devise a way to mount the “mast” if you put it at the other end of the robot? (ie. turn the whole chassis 180 degrees from how it is now)

I’d suggest you add sheet aluminum to your materials arsenal…but you’ll have to do some fancy political maneuvering to get past the “fiberglass only” mindset

just remember with the mast you have you may need to have some anchors as well so that it does not move at all otherwise you may have some problems later on if the mast is not secure to the frame properly also how are you goin to move the joints? motors or pnumatics? or a combination of both? looks great though keep it up

Yeah the cad is not right the mast will be on the other side not under the motors as for the mounting it will be strongly supporter on the base and triangulation with guide wire or angel maybe aluminum tube

That reminds me of 1523’s arm in 2007.

The joints they are going to move with a signal rotational motion coming from a transition some where closes to the frame this year we are not putting any pneumatics on the robot its to heavy

similar but it more of an up and down movement we will hopefully have a video soon

Neat! I can’t wait to see it in real life :slight_smile:

The mast reminds me of our 2007 robot, which had a round mast in roughly the same location. We attached a block on the belly pan that fit inside the bottom of the tube and then cut a hole in a sheet of aluminum that was then attached to the frame across the top.