pic: Team 842 Drive Train

A cad model of the next FIRST Team 842 Drive Train.

are those blue things chains?

Congrats on having a cad model of your chassis before building it! Looks great

This looks like the composite material I-Beam again… am I right?


In all seriousness, looks like a solid drivetrain for this year. Fiberglass is strong stuff! I especially like the inward facing flanges on the C-channel - you should be able to mount an electronics board there.

I’m not quite sure I understand the chain wrap.
Also, what’s the gearing on the sprockets?
Looks like a solid drive train.:slight_smile:

The material is pultruded fiberglass, 3/16" thick. It will probably have lightening holes. John is new to autodesk and is still learning, He will get the chain right eventually…

must…resist…hole saw!


I’m not completely familiar with Pultruded Fiberglass but we used fiberglass composite hockey sticks in 2007 and 2008 and putting any kind of hole or slot in it can be tricky. The fibers tend to get caught in whatever your using to cut with and the fibers can rip out clear down the length of the material.

Just a word of caution. I can’t wait to check out a fiberglass frame in St. Louis!

The Falcons have been using a hole saw to make pultruded fiberglass lighter for years, they know all about how to do it. The material does not separate like the hockey sticks you describe.

I just think it would make the robot look more “designed” if they didn’t need to saw a bunch of holes in it…

That’s what I figured but it might help some team searching for “fiberglass” at some point.

It looks a lot better if you take out a bunch of larger holes in a straight line. A little less weight savings but it looks better.

Why 6in wedgetop wheels? why not roughtop?:confused:

Because it doesn’t wear out so fast? and it provides just the right amount of traction, allowing easy turning and good pushing power?

But since it’s just a cad model, the tread could be decided later, or different treads could be tried. We have used different tread on different wheels on the same robot most of the time.

here is where the fiberglass is made

Wear out slower and allow easier turning, still grippy though