pic: Team 842 FRC 2013 Drivetrain

Falcon Robotics presents our drivetrain for the 2013 season. It features the Andymark KOP chassis except we put in 4" wheels instead of 6" wheels so that we can cut down the ends of the frame by 1" on each side making the robot 30.25" x 23.25." This lets us fit into the 54" cylinder more nicely. Our thinking for going with this drivetrain was that we wanted to spend as minimal amount of time on the drive as possible so that we can spend the greater majority of our time making our manipulators. Also, did we mention that this will be our first non fiberglass drivetrain in the last 8 years!

I’m going to miss the fiberglass drive you guys are so well known for.


What is the ground clearance? Is it low enough to push discs along the ground, high enough to drive over them, or somewhere in between where you are more likely to get hung up on one?

The ground clearance is about 3/8" higher than our drivetrain from last year, which didn’t have any trouble sliding over the Frisbees in our tests (1" of ground clearance with slick framerails). We’ll probably have to do something about those boltheads that poke out of the bottom though. We’ll do a lot of testing after we get it assembled for sure.

You could just have the bumpers hover over the ground at a level low enough to push the discs but high enough to not get caught on anything…

Bumpers must be at a minimum 2" off the floor, as per R25.

Nice looking CAD rendering 842! Curious though - why 4 CIMs??

The toughbox mini came with the drivetrain and we need the extra power for our hopefully sub 15 second climber. :wink: Overall though we are really happy with this drivetrain. The tensioning system is so so simple. No maintenance once assembled except for the cleaning of the belts. Here is a video of it driving:

Slow gear ratio

High and most likely gear ratio we will use:

Note that the reason the standard gearing is so slow is because we went down to 4" wheels for arm clearance reasons.