pic: Team 846: 2014 Season Highlights


We had a great 2014 season with our robot, Funk Cannon, claiming our first ever regional victory and finishing with the highest OPR on the Newton field. Thank you to our incredible sponsors, alliance partners, and everyone who supported us through this awesome year.

Buckeye Regional Xerox Creativity Award
Silicon Valley Regional Motorola Quality Award

Buckeye Regional Winners: 910, 846, 639 (1st alliance)
Silicon Valley Regional Semifinalists: 1323, 846, 2135, 670 (4th alliance)
Championships Newton Quarterfinalists: 910, 846, 330, 1507 (3rd alliance)

Shoutout to the NASA house teams 971, 254, and 1868 for hosting intensely valuable practice sessions at Ames. A huge part of the difference between our robot at regionals and at Championships was being able to get on the field with great teams at home. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you all at offseason competitions.

Team 846 is sponsored by the FUHS Foundation/Symantec/NASA/Teradata Corp/Qualcomm/Western Digital/The Brin Wojcicki Foundation/Google/PTC/Intuitive Surgical Inc/Makineni Family/NASA Glenn Research Center Educational Programs Office/ClickAway/Vanderbend Manufacturing/Therma Corp./Exatron Inc & Lynbrook High School

It was really cool to see this robot in person. There’s a lot of little things about it that make it so sweet. Thanks for letting my stick my face in there at the Buckeye Regional.


Ditto. One of my favourite robots of the year, thanks for the tour at championships.

Beautiful Robot guys.

My favorite 846 robot ever. So much was done right on this machine. Can’t wait to see it in the offseason!

I love your robot. At worlds, though we were in different divisions, you were one of the teams I made a requirement to see. There are a lot of similarities to our robot this year, but I really admire some of the solutions you guys came up with. It’s a beautiful machine and sets the bar very high. Congratulations on a great season!

This was a fantastic robot from the Funky Monkeys, IMHO the best one they have ever built. 846 is one of the outstanding teams we have in the Bay Area that don’t often get mentioned. 971 faced 846 in two elimination contests, at Silicon Valley and at Championships, and both times they proved very difficult to beat. 846 has awesome mentors and students with a great program, and it was great seeing them have success this year.

Hopefully with your impressive season people will begin to take notice. Your team certainly deserves it. We were happy to have you over at NASA for the scrimmages. I think it helped all the teams involved substantially. Many members of our team were noticing how strong you guys looked at Champs with impressive driving and scoring ability. Keep up the improvement for next year! We love competing with and against you guys.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. We will be uploading our robot CAD and technical documentation by our subsystem leaders when we have a bit more time; we’re proud of many of the little details on this robot and would love to share with more people.

And 4488 was incredible this year, congratulations on reaching the finals in Galileo! Features like being able to keep the collector up when shooting were things we had to work hard to incorporate after the fact, but you guys had to begin with. Kudos for seeing those things early on; I think some of the similarities were us trying to be like you guys :wink:

It was an honor to play against 971 at SVR and Championships. Practicing with you guys made us stronger for Newton; there’s nobody I would have rather gone down against. If this continues, California will always be strongly represented at Championships! Thank you.

I’m a huge fan of the way function and form have come together to create such a beautiful machine. The quality award is well deserved. Your machines remind me of a blend of 254’s fabrication style and 100’s aesthetics, with your own funky twist. West Coast FRC at it’s finest.

I know this may seem minor, but I also really appreciate your iterations on ball settling mechanisms throughout the season. It’s small things like this which turn a good robot into a great robot.

See you at Chezy Champs, right? :slight_smile:


Thanks, Mr. Corsetto. That final iteration on the ball settlers is definitely one of my favorite things we implemented for Championships. Made a huge difference in shot consistency when accelerating and getting jostled around.

We are definitely looking forward to Chezy Champs, hopefully with something new in store! Even though I won’t be there, sometimes graduating is a horrible thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations on your Newton win, repeat trifecta? What is the word for four wins . . .