pic: Team 85 After West Michigan

This is our team picture after West Michigan Regional. We were ranked 2 after qualifying and were the runner up’s in the finals. We also won the sportsmanship award and Steve Yasick won the Woodie Flowers award.

Great looking team, Great playing Team, Amazingly functional robot, and totaly deserving of all the credit you guys received this week.

You guys were a blast to play with and against and really made our trip up to michigan an enjoyable one.

A very big hoosier thank your from myself and the rest of 1272.

I am the Team 85 driver, and I’ve got to say out of all the matches today, 1272 gave me the largest run for our money. It was insane, your defense left me screaming, lol. If it wasn’t for the “serpentine” style selection in final’s selection, you guys would have been right there with us.

Well, that’s enough for now, see you at nationals, and…

I’m WATCHING YOU, lol :cool:

great, great, great team. love the bot. had a blast at BMR watching it work (and beat us) and cheering for yall.

i do love how you put Steve in the picture, that’s a great thing to do. And what a sweet looking bot ya got there. see ya at champs.

When they announced that Steve was the Woodie Flowers Award winner, and the way they announced it, I was literally in tears for it was just a great tribute. Congratulations on a great regional and a great robot.

And somewhere in heaven, a soul is smiling.