pic: Team 857 in Action

Our robot at the Traverse City district event this past weekend.

Looks sweet Eric, Did you modify your robot since I last saw it to have HP load as well? Good luck sir!

Congratulations to you guy for making it to the quarter finals in traverse city, great bot,and good luck at troy.

How do the moon rocks move from the top to the bottom? Or do they?

They don’t the top hopper is human fed. Our HP is pretty beastly good so we don’t fill it up that often. He only missed about 3 SC shots all weekend and he made on average more than 15 MR a match, after autonomous.

Right now our main function is ferrying empty cells to Justin aka LeBron, who can snipe from there. We also have the capability to sweep most of the floor clean of balls and powerdump when we need to. GO YETIS!!