pic: Team 86.jpg

Team 86 Jacksonville, FL.

A veteran robotics team, Team Resistance

This robot was simply amazing guys, you were awesome at UCF. Good luck at the rest of the competition, are you going to be in atlanta or any other regionals?

We will be in Atlanta for Championships.

Team 86’s robot was my favorite robot at the Florida Regional. Not only they were fast, they were accurate with their shots. Good luck at the championship.

86 is awesome. Great robot thanks for picking 1251 at Florida regional it was great working with you guys. Amazing robot and great team.

See you guys at championships,

Definitely one of the top two robots at the Florida regional. You gotta give some props to Pink ;).

Great robot. Great team.

You guys have an awesome bot on your hands.

Here’s a video of the entire field of a match with them in it (unfortunately the only one I have)… the FIRST camera men never seemed to catch their ball spewing sprees.


hey thanks for all the complements, we are still a little shocked that our rep declined 233(pink) offer… but it was fun nonetheless.

hope to see you all at championships, who knows with some help, we may make it in the top again.

good luck to all!

–chris (mentor)

If you find out, can you shed some light into why he did that? I was shocked as well when the 233-86 alliance was refused but I thought perhaps there was some hidden strategy at play. I was the representative for my team and allthough I had not been coached on what to do if a higher ranked team picked us, I would have without hesitation accepted an alliance with either 233 or 86.