pic: Team 87 RVR

The Finished Produce —Ready for Shipping

Can your arm get the tetras off your back? If you can, I have to say, I think you’ll win atleast one regional this year. Great bot.

Looks nice, must be a strong flipper to flip a tetra, and a strong body to hold that many up, can’t wait to play you in phili!

that bot is beautiful. is must be hard to drive around with so many tetras on it

wow, ur robot is awesome! 5 tetras, $@#$@#$@#$@#
i cant wait to see you all in annapolis this year

Looks great!

Quick question:
If you are able to score the tetras that are being held in back, how do you pull individual tetras over to the other side without catching on the bar that is supporting the stack?