pic: Team 870 Rear Drive Train


Rear drive train developed by our machine shop, coming in at less than 10 pounds, we have dubbed them the “swiss cheese” drives, powered by the drill motors, plenty of torque and speed, easily removable with simply 3 bolts to “drop the motor out” so to speak for easy repair.

I’m very currious about your wheels. You said you get plent of torque and speed from the drive system, but it seems that your wheels are a very smooth metal…I don’t understand how you get any traction from them, are they covered with some sort of traction material or something?

we put the red timing belt over all the tires this year, which grip really nicely on all the terrain we have this year. the metal was a simple piece of thick sheet metal that was actually molded onto the wheel, we had to secure them in with machine screws, talk about craftsmanship.