pic: Team 888 '06 drivetrain


A pic of Team 888’s drive-train. It uses the 2 kit transmissions and 4 cims. Sorry about the quality (camera phone).

i dunno if thats your final mounting placement but the battery is placed awefully high up… although you did a great jobe keeping the motors low. and since you have all that airflowable area. stick a fan in there nad keep them cool

Where the battery and control board are is only for testing, we wanted to see it run! Our entire drivetrain fits below the plane of the frame, and it runs really quiet. This is using last year’s motors, gearboxes, and frame.


this would be really nice if you wanted to maximize your weight in the back of your bot, we may have the opposite problem however…

You might want to try turning your robot around. Then the back should be nice and light. By the way, I’m still looking for a secretary and the benefits are great!