pic: Team 8's eight days of teasers: Day3


Some of our nicer welds…

Also a test of our new surface treatment. I’ll give you a hint… it’s not paint.

Are you referring to the pool noodles or the unfinished aluminum?

ok, you got me. actually half of the aluminum is unfinished, and half is brushed.

I thought they were supposed to get more revealing as time wound down?:stuck_out_tongue:

seriously you guys…i think you can show a bit more than that!!

Yeah… We’ll make up for it tomorrow…

Part of the problem is we revealed the most complicated part of our robot on day1, it just also happened to be the most eluding. We’ve really stuck to KISS this year (and we’re proud of it).

Are you kidding? What else could we need besides beautiful welds by our own master welder, dfukuba. Oh wait…