pic: Team 8's Odin at Portland


team 8’s completed and working robot, ready to hurdle

quick specs:
3’6" tall, 120 lbs (exactly)
bumpers on three sides
“it’s a catapult!”
6wd, middle lowered
custom gearboxes, faster than supershifters or toughboxes

outlined here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/30882

pneumatic, on a lever arm
release angle compromises between vertical and horizontal launch
approximately 8’ ball-bottom height
innovative dual-flow pneumatics for shoot AND place

drivetrain quadrature encoders
rangefinder for ball
potentiometers monitor position of both arms
IR sensor for hybrid

This is a very cool robot. It doesn’t look like a launcher… it looks like a lifter driving backwards. Then whammo! The ball is flying through the air.

Can’t wait for the video to be posted.


we had some problems with one of the pots on the arms on saturday, but they have since been resolved. see you next week!

What happened to that tiny robot you had early in the build season?

This one looks great though.

not sure what you mean here…
we kept a pretty tight lid on our shop during the build season, and i don’t remember any tiny bots.

He might be thinking of team 5, who, IIRC, have a small lap robot.

Nice idea about the alternative flows for phnematics, our team was going to try that, but our launcher failed miserably… any way, hope you do well and I wish you luck with those pots, I don’t like them.:smiley: