pic: Team #8's Tube Interface

Interesting design!

Have you checked the air pressure in the ring? do you know what it is supposed to be? (I dont’ really know myself)

We noticed a large difference in handing the rings when inflating them from about one psi (as yours appears to be) to over two psi.

FIRST says that the tube should be ~9.5" in diameter when fully inflated, but we have seen that it is much harder to control the tube when it is only slightly deflated. Because this is just a prototype, we will try to figure out all that other stuff when we get everything working. This was just a good proof of concept.

That looks vaguely familiar… :slight_smile:

for some reason its like seeing our own design…already made

I’m curious what the procedure for grasping tubes looks like. Specifically, if a tube is laying flat along the floor, is this capable of capturing it?

This entire assembly will be attached to an arm, there will also be two large wheels on the end of the two plates (where the holes are) which will “Suck” or “Blow” the tubes. the way the arm will be set up, it will allow us to pick tubes up in any position. We also have a way of getting them off the spider legs.


So I log onto chiefdelphi to see how some teams are progressing… Maybe see if any teams have any good pictures up, and the first one I see is of he grabber my old team just made… what fun…

Laser cutters are quite handy for rapid prototyping

Yes laser cutter are, and I wish we had one…:o
nice prototype there, like the idea. We will see how effective it will be, i only worry about the pressure consistency of the tubes.

I assume with those two wheels you could also rotate the tube in your grabber by running them in opposite directions?

I must say it’s brave of you to be putting up a prototype for widespread speculation. And on that note, have you thought about interference from the huge flange? Or do these two wheels mean to sort of project the tube a short distance?

How easily will that pick up the game pieces?

That’s the $1,000,000 question. Since we’re still at the prototype stage, we haven’t moutned the whole thing, and haven’t tested it. We’ll have to see soon. Hopefuly it does it easily enough to write simple code or have the arm driver do it himself.

Exactly. That’s the main benefit we see from this desgin - we’ll have a lot more control without adding an extra degree of freeedom on the arm.

We decided to to put it up, and here’s why: If someoen does copy it, which is against GP and unspoken code, he’ll not do it as well as we do, because we designed it. If we help someone, good for them and good luck in competition. Otherwise, we’re just proud of our work and showing it!


What if a team already has this designed and has already tested it? :eek:

Good for them and good luck in the competition. Ideas are bound to resurface, as with all the twists and turns, there’s still a finite number of ideas. Hopefuly there’ll be another robot with a similar grabber design in our regionals so we can see who implemented it better.