pic: Team #8's Tube Interface

This is one of out prototypes, there are two rollers that are not installed yet. It works my independently driving each roller, so that the tube can move up and down.

Looks awesome. But i have a word of caution. That looks like its made of an acrylic plastic. As 1930 and 229 learned last year, when one robot runs into another robot with acrylic, acrylic shatters into many little pieces. Other than that looks great.

I’m going to take a wild guess that team 8 has a CNC laser cutter, which cuts acrylic better than most other materials when you are prototyping. Team 8, am I right?:]
Edit: My guesses were verified after reading the thread on the photo above thisone.

Well, we don’t have a laser cutter, but we do have access to one.

Mind you, this is a prototype; the final version will be made of lexan, and will be much more sturdy than this is.


Like all materials when proper regard is given to their properties, acrylic has its uses. We have a laser cutter in our lab that we use often to cut acrylic and delrin for use on our robots.

And polycarbonate, mind you, if you don’t mind the slightly charred edges.