pic: team 909's robot - pic 2

This is team 909’s robot folded up and it can extend to 15 feet.


btw - the programming chick is hot :smiley:

that comment was uncalled for, no im not implying that she isnt attractive, but using “hot” in that context in these forums is a little degrading, please edit your post so there isnt a political correctness battle on here,

thank you…

By the way, your bot looks great guys!

Wow. 15 feet. [obvious]Thats a lot of feet[/obvious].

Hey, That laptop is hot. It’s so hot. It looks like my hot laptop.That’s hot.

Robot is hot too. That’s so hot.

lol elgin

does that unfold at the start of the match to make one large pole? or does it unfold during the match in a totally controlled manner as part of hte lifter?

That looks great, and Wow 15 feet is a looong stacking arm.

Your robot looks hot this year, I cant wait to see it at comps. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! How fast does it extend out?

Are you planning on covering your electronics at all?