pic: Team #93 in action!!!!


Here we are catching our opponets balls at St. Louis.

Well here it is folks,

This is a picture of us catching most of the balls on the opponets side.

Here are links to short clips of us catching both our own balls, and our opponets.

Our own:




See anybody at MR or at Nats

Added: We also put in poly-carb on the sides of our “basket” to keep it from buldging out, this improved the balls being released by about 5-10 sec.

What do you do with all of them? the goals can’t fit much more than your own. in theory, anywhy.

How did u do at the regional you attended? Im guessing you did good…

Well I would hope that our hp’s would shoot the balls. The stationary goals can fit 20 balls with overflowing and you can still cap them.

Plus if the mobile goal is uncapped, you can fill those too.

We seeded 5th and went down in the semi’s at St. Louis (our partner dropped the 2x ball (just bad luck they were a great capper)) which would have won a match.