pic: Team 93 - Looking down the barrel

Looking down the barrel of Tobor IX’s shooter with one little eye looking back at you!

I like it a lot.
Is the turret a full 360?
How many balls can you hold?

I think I have a new favorite.

Hey Sean, Your wheels are dirty. Looks pretty nice otherwise, hope you guys have a lot of luck. Seeing you in Milwaukee?

Ut oh… 93 has built a robot that looks to have tons of practice. Those wheels appear well-used. Usually, they need a number of matches before they get into a winning groove. This year, they could be coming out of the gate, scoring right away.

Good luck to the New Apple Corps!

Andy B.

Looks great guys!!! I am very impressed! I’ll see you in a month at the WI regional.

Nah, I heard Sean just slapped some shoe polish on the wheels. They had to vacate the school for two days just to fumigate! :wink:

The turret can rotate 180 degrees in either direction so we can shoot out of all sides of the robot. The shooter directs the balls out of the top of the robot.

We never loaded it with all the balls we have (56) but our best educated guess is somewhere between 35 and 40.

Tobor IX has the ability to accept balls from the human player or pick them up off the floor. The intake can also reverse to score in the lower goals.

Drive system is a modified design of Andy Baker’s two speed transmission from several years ago (servo shifting) hooked up through a serpentine belt to a four wheel drive system. Front wheels are the poor man’s omnis ($10.00 each to construct) that we posted a few weeks back and the rear wheels are standard grip wheels.

Any other questions, just ask. We’d be happy to help you with your scouting ahead of the competitions!

Good Luck!