pic: Team 93 teaser 1

5 inch gear WOW!

That is a massive gear. I’m guessing it’s for some sort of a turret, there would be something coming out the middle and out. It actually looks like what we did last year, except we used a large sprocket.


be careful if its not thick it WILL mush :yikes:

I believe its the 50 tooth from the KOP gearbox with the center bored out.

No it’s not the 50t kit gear. It is a 80t 16dp .75" face width

It looks like is will be used to turn an arm or gripper. How much does it weigh?


I glanced quickly and assumed it was the 50 tooth.

Maybe next time I’ll count. :wink:

That thing looks like it weighs a ton. You know what would be funny, if it was a really really really small gear but it was photoshoped and enlarged. lol that would be really really funny. :rolleyes: