pic: Team: 932 Robot Cart!

This is our robot cart! Green under glow, yeah its cool!

wow, u guys really “thought outside the box” on that one, congratulations… but really, it looks nice

I like the green! :smiley: The big wheels should make for nice handling. Is that a drawer on the side?

You will need to have easy access to the switch for those green mood lights, though; you will probably be asked to switch them off when your cart is near the field.

Wow. That is nice. How long did it take to make? Is it just carpentry with wheels? And now that you’ve made it, would you still keep the handle on the drawer the same or look for an alternative?

As for an on/off switch, we have a foot switch that is really simple and easy to use. and yes that is a drwaer on the side, we use it to store misc tools for the LOOOOONGGGGGGGG walk to the feild. (just in case we need a quick tweak). We like the green too! Look out for us because you will definatly see us!