pic: Team 932


Not alot of time left but we are getting there

Are you going to be putting sideplates or bumpers or something thicker around the edge, it looks like you will get broken in two if you were to hit any of the biger drivetrains :ahh:

I like the design but it would appear that there might a problem with the rule <R12>. How far does it expand?

ya, we will use a bumpers, right now we are prototyping it with spare materials before we use our good materials on the final design, it will end up being stronger but we still will use bumpers

it isnt in conflict with R12 it only extends to 57 inches

That is most impressive. I would have guessed it to be at least 8 feet from the back of the robot to the end of the arm. Congratulations on the design and good luck for the competition.