pic: Team 935's kicker teaser


Our First design did not preform well so this is our redesign

I think it’s a similar design to what Winnovation came up with for Overdrive. I loved the idea, but didn’t go for it because of the lack of adjustability in kicking didsance. There are ways to adjust these type kickers, but I didn’t want to invest the weight in them.

Am I right?:wink:

:slight_smile: We have a spool that winds the surgical tubing to create tension on the kicker. That way we can adjust how far it kicks.:yikes:

Is that a Double Doozy that I see attached to that gear box?

Good idea. The pneumatic kickers will have the same problem if they see it as a problem. I wanted to make sure we could blast it if far away and pooch it if closer. Good luck.