Pic: Team 935's nearly complete chassis

Here’s a little preview of our chassis for this year. Good Luck Everyone! :cool:


please don’t tell me you fabricated that entire frame :yikes:
it looks awesome

very nice, GL with the meca’s

Beautiful indeed.

Is it just me or does it look like that no matter what way you put it down that the wheels don’t touch or that the chassis will be very, very low

Im pretty sure if you just put that on the field, had all your drive team have slightly annoyed looks on their face, maybe so red lights, you could win by sheer intimidation.

awesome job on the frame guys, wish ours looked that good.

That looks awesome. we were going to use mecanum wheels, but that was ruled out. our frame is probably 80/20 again.

As well as being fabricated within a week, the chassis is very low, and touches the ground. Thanks for the positive feedback. :cool:

are you guy afraid and take note that the ground is not exactly level? around the corners and middle area the ground is above so that the railings have something to attach to so they don’t fall over.

i tried to get a drive base as low as possible until someone told me that and i went, oh no.

We have the same height we used last year, but we ended up cutting off the front / back corners so we could climb ramps. Right now, we’re about 7/8" off the ground.

from the look of things you might… want to downsize it a bit.

Following up on that…

And the wheels…

Again, feedback is good.

Ya, I’m not sure what your plan is. :frowning:

How much does it weigh?

Thanks for the replies. Our chassis is 7/8" off of the ground and our CIM are 9/16" off the ground. I am not sure who was logged on to our railerobotics account but the statement about it being 1/4" off the ground is incorrect. Even with 9/16" we’re cutting it close. Some how our team missed that part of the rules so I really appreciate the feed back.

We have not yet weighed the frame. I’ll report back when we do.

#25 chains and no tensioners? How does that work?

That’s incredible. How was the machining done??? Looks like CNC possibly???

That is pretty cool. We might try Mech. wheels this year, but who knows. that is awesome. how’d u make it so fast?

In 05, when 190 did mecanum, the chain was short enough (as it appears in these photos) to not need tensioners.

I still worry about the lack of articulation to keep your wheels on the ground. If you lose contact with one wheel (which seems likely with all of the high CoGs we’re going to see), you lose control.
Unless you have suspensions I don’t see, I’d watch out for control issues emanating from the lack of contact.

This is a veery beautiful chassis. Only concern is the same as everyone else’s it may be too low. otherwise it looks pro!

Looks awesome, good luck during the season.