pic: Team #93's robot finished.

Well here it is folks enjoy…

Alright here it is…

The netting that goes on the sides is taken off to show a better view of our bot.

The skids in front actually have an Omni-wheel mounted on it.

Drive is two CIM motors with a custom transmission and custom gear boxes.

Speed is approx 13 fps in high and 5 fps in low.

Here is our teaser thread too (shows pic and video of us catching all 18 balls)

Looks nice and clean. Love the wire job from the other pic. See you all in less then a week!

That’s neat how it unfolds and catches the balls. Looks like a bird spreading it’s wings ready to take off. :smiley:

Another excellent bot from New Apple Corps!! Can’t wait to see you guys in action at the Midwest Regional :]

Just wondering but is your robot able to drop all of the balls into the
player station or do you do that just to keep them off the field? :rolleyes:

Either way that is one awesome Robot!!! :cool:
I cant wait to see it in action at Chicago!!! :smiley:

Yes, I hope we get paired up with you guys in a match… your robot would compliment ours very well :]

are those solar panels?

is your bot the Solar Plexus? :^)

what motors do you use to flap those wings?

how do you keep it from flying up into the ceiling?

Yes, the solar pannels help us reduce weight by replacing the battery.

We did pick up the nick name “Laundry Basket”

We use pneumatics to push out the first section, and a cable to move the upper.

Since their is 110 lbs on the lower frame section, it weighs it down pretty well.

In the words of Shrek: “I’m nobodies messenger boy, I’m a delivery boy”

Oh and to answer another question on a previous thread about our bot. We catch both our own and the opponents sides. Look for clips from St. Louis soon.

according to Simple strategy sheet,

this bot is a:

effective counter strategy (recommended):


Might wanna change that to 2,3,4-1,2 :yikes:

thanks for the correction!

I’m not recording these on my sheet until I actually sit and watch some matches, but once in a while I’ll hazard a guess as to what a robot is capable of, and what can be done to counter it.

When I think about strategy, I always use our bot as a guide to measure up to, so that’s why I hesitated on adding more numbers. One thing I forgot to put in the general version (and use in this thread) of the sheet is Bolding and italicizing.

bold= can do very well
italics= poor
(to make full use of this, make sure to use your bot as the standard, so bold=more effective/reliable, ital=less effective/reliable… makes for easier gameplanning)

Another thing I’ve noticed this year is that there seems to be a lot more torque than last year… as unlikely as that may sound (at least at the BAE NH regional)