pic: Team #93's robot "Tobor 7" Teaser


Well here’s our teaser of us catching all the balls. Look for future pictures later. See you at St. Louis, Midwest, and / or Atlanta

Well here’s the top half of our bot. We are able to catch all 18 balls, and we can still close our arms. Feel free to comment.

For a clip of us catching the balls click here .

We still have to put our siding on. Other than that were done.

You will be selected as alliance partners if, by some strange twist, you don’t make the top 8.

That is amazing.

Amazing. It looks just like I imagined it should. Do you have the autonomous worked out yet? I so wanted to make a robot exactly like this but I don’t have enough say. Congratulations on making such a great KISS machine.

That was our initial idea/game plan, lol, but we changed our minds.

That is absolutley gorgeous. That style was my first idea that came to mind right after Kickoff…but it is the kids’ decision as to where the final design goes :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting it to work!

How do you get the balls from inside the hopper to inside the corral?

Good job. If you can have that sort of success during most of your rounds, you’re going places fast.

T/y for all the compliments. To answer your question regarding autonomous mode, we have the program and will be testing it today. It is quite simple since all we have to do is drive like around 4 feet out and expand. We will be using optical encoders for dead reckoning (and for auto trany).

For the getting the balls out. We have a ball collector that can move the balls out as well.

Is that a 1-roller system? How fast does it work? Good job on the bot.

My question is are you going to park right under the player station at the beginning of the match, and if you do that how will you trigger the release of the balls during Autonomous Mode??

Great looking bot guys, can’t wait to see it in action at Midwest. :]

With that the 30 second wait is worth it. Some people won’t get a ball in the corral in 30 seconds. I would like to know if they can capture balls from the bottom up (suck them into to their hopper). Or are they just training their HPs really good. A great idea would be to feed the HPs all the balls and then drive in front of the stationary goal to catch balls they miss short.

Also, don’t forget to watch out for the DQ of breaking the imaginary line between the playing field and the ball corral :slight_smile:

wow thats amazing are you using pnumatics or motors to move the… bucket?

Excellent Job!
The ONLY way to do small balls.

I envisioned such a machine, but we didn’t have the guts to pull it off this year (We decided on a different philosophy). This looks GREAT. I can’t wait to see how well it works, and how many other teams try such a strategy.

Major Kudos,

That’s so cool… Awesome bot.

Question: What is at the bottom of the ‘bucket’ to protect the robot and itself from the impact of 18 balls?

AMAZING JOB! That is exactly what I wanted to do. It is beautiful and hopefully very reliable. It should get you very far in competition. Best of luck with it.

I like it, it’s nice to see the old team coming up with new tricks. I’ll see you all in St. Louis. Who knows, maybe we’ll be working together.

Wow, thats awesome, I watched that video and that worked amazing.

I’m glad you guys have had such success, mayb I’ll see you guys at nationals again and have late nights playing poker and driving seguways! lol

what else can u guys do?? amazing.

our original plan was to do something like that too. we also had a crazy idea to use the “wings” to block opponents views. but then we couldn’t block views and we abandoned it. because we couldn’t pick up big balls.