pic: Team 948 2-Speed Gearboxes

Here’s a teaser picture of NRG’s gearboxes ready to go :smiley: Two-speed ball shifting transmissions, from scratch, with the Inventor model on the computer next to the completed gearbox.

Thoughs look like they could come in the kit of Parts

very nice on both parts of making and designing in inventor

what are the speeds

Looks great guys! How are they working for you?

isn’t that “export to reality” function great

The gearboxes have a roughly 3:1 shift, on our robot at 3500 RPM they will give us a ~4 fps speed and a ~12 fps speed.

As of yet they have not actually been run - I will post back with a test report tonight…

How did you guys make the casings?
BTW, very nice work guys.

Each casing is milled straight out of a 1.5" thick hunk of aluminum.


We burned them in and shifted them tons tonight, they work great :smiley:

Very nice work. This is a great accomplishment you should be very proud of and an inspiration to other teams.

Very nice work!
Nice transmissions

Very nice work, how does it run?