pic: Team 967 Iron Lions Standard

Our standard for the 2016 season.
Special thanks to our sponsor Presentations for printing it for us!

Oh that looks incredible… Nice job again 967!


Just beautiful

Looks great! But what about room for the history patches?

History Patches
One 4” wide x 3” tall (102 mm x 76 mm) patch will be provided at each event to display on your Standard. Be sure to keep space available and be prepared to adhere these Patches to your Standard throughout the season. Patches will be self-adhering, with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing.

I think they are only interested in the blue banner to hang next to it :rolleyes:

Nice job, looks very clean, love the Lion.

I really like this!

What material is this printed on?

Are your cross beams simply spray-painted black wood?

I’d like to see if we can source something similar.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! The material it’s printed on is an outdoor banner material. The stand came premade from a wholesale company, and it has a base so we can set it up in our pit when we’re not in a match. The wood pieces are attached to the banner so it can slide into the stand.

I talked to the sponsor that printed it today and they said they would make them for other teams if anyone is interested

A bit more info for anyone interested, Presentations, the sponsor who helped with this said that they could make these for any team for $150. This includes the stand, 2 banners and everything needed to use as the standard. Just PM me if you are interested.