pic: Team 968 - 2007 Robot

Look familiar?

I still can’t decide whether the red or blue looks better…

Oh snap! Did you guys take it to a photo shoot place? Haha, nice work. See you thurs. Let me know if there is anything you need.

EDIT: Wowza! Go for the high res. I can almost see my fingerprints left in the machining oil! Naw, j/k, you know they cleaned it before the shoot. :smiley:

Sweet robot, looks so different with the 4" wheels, kinda funny!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sexy time!

Wow, that’s a nice looking robot.

I can’t wait to see it perform at LA.

Good luck this season.

Great looking robot, not to mention the quality of the photo. Very distinctive, resembles the 2006 robot (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/23508) and yes looks very familiar. I like how your parts are power coated!

wow, look at that 968 gets anice back drop and 254 doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks sweet guys and the video 254 provided shows how these bots are top notch.

what do you have powering the lifter?

It looks like they are using twin Big CIMs to power the elevator. They look geared down just a bit (maybe 1.5:1) and spin an approximately 2" spool. A cable does all the pulling. It’s amazing how quickly they drop that thing! We limited our PWM output on the down motion of our elevator to eliminate just that phenomenon…

Overall, quite a capable robot! I’m still trying to figure out how they line up to grab the tube so quickly… Nice grabber btw!


Nah, it was taken in the high school cafeteria. We used the carpet that we just got as a back drop.

So you have two Big CIMs for the lifter, pneumatics for the grabber actuation…

I’m assuming two small CIMs for the drivetrain.

What else is being used, Are the ramps static or are they FP powered.

The elevator will be different on the competition robot. The setup we have now is way too fast. The speed you see the elevator moving at in that video is only 5/8 of the maximum output. During the fix-it window last week we made a new setup that uses AM planetaries and FP motors, that should be roughly the same speed as what you see in the video.

The ramps will be lifted by gas springs.

That should save a good chunk of weight, right?

~5 lbs

I spy a patched tube.


You should see our tubes… we’ve put holes in at least 10.

That looks like a senior picture of a robot.