pic: Team 968 - RAWC - 2005 Robot

Oh yes, we are inspired by so many great teams. Doesn't it look familiar?

looks like an awsome bot, it looks like you and the poofs did some good work together thiis year. can;t wait to see them.

Actually, I must say that we didn’t collaborate on design with Travis at all. The only things that linked our two teams this year were the fact that Travis and I are friends, and that (since they were in a bind) we sent them a set of wheels. No design collaboration at all. This is their baby, and a great looking one at that.

well then in that case great job on YOUR accomplishment

We really appreciate the help we received from 254 (among others) this year. We were graciously given drawings of some chassis components, wheel hubs, bearing blocks, and some other drivetrain components. Our drivetrain gearboxes, however, were only similar in the way they mounted to the chassis/themselves. Our overall robot design, although similar in look & feel, is completely re-engineered from the ground up (excluding the few drivetrain components I mentioned) and upon close inspection you can spot the significant differences. There is not one part of the arm, chassis, or a-frame that is identical to their robot. This robot was inspired by team 60 in 2001, and by 254/60’s robot last year (I must also mention 22 in there with the 22/252/254/60 bionicpoof drivetrain they had going over the summer). Arm and a-frame concepts were really only taken from pictures, interpreted and modified from there. Many elements from past robots and teams were brought forward to this design, as so many teams end up doing in the design process.

I hope you all understand just how grateful our team is of the help that other teams have given us in the past. Without the gracious support of teams and individuals across the country we wouldn’t be able to create anything even close to the things we have.

This is by far the prettiest looking robot I’ve seen this year. (The Technokats and Kingman are dueling for second) A sweet four speed tranny that I’ve already gushed about in another thread, a ridiculously compact arm gearbox, and neat pneumatically activated tetra manipulator. When I look at this robot, it screams out “GM Industrial Design” to me. Fantastic work.

As for the similarities to 60 & 254, well it just makes sense. If a design calls for a two jointed arm with an agile drive system, why wouldn’t you want to emulate 60/254 from last year? Now, not only has 968 emulated them, but they’ve made a lot of changes which should improve on that original design. Building upon the foundation laid by others is a huge part of innovation.

I hope you find a way to get this beauty out to Atlanta, I want to see it with my own eyes.

That end effector looks pretty long…can you guys can stack multiple tetras at once? btw it looks sweet!!!

Interesting. Our team also built on the Team 254/Team 60 chassis and drivetrain basics. We got drawings from George of Team 60, and lots of help from Team 22. The wheels are identical, and the frame is very similar, but we went our own way with the transmission and the arm.

Even the transmission, though, was inspired by those gurus of gears, Andy Baker and Andy Brockway. We used drawings from both of them to design a two speed gear box, with the coaxial shaft shifter of the AM Shifter, but with the simpler square dog that Andy Brockway has used in the past.

I have to say, though, that our final product is not nearly as slick and pretty as this 'bot.

If I learned anything in Atlanta last year, it’s to take advantage of the great body of knowledge out there.

If a person didn’t know who RAWC is, they would think that this machine was built in a professional machine shop, entirely by skilled trademen who do this every day of their lives. It has a Championship-quality drivebase, a strong and articulate arm, and a professional paint job. I agree with Karthik that it is the best looking robot out here yet.

But… everyone needs to know something. This robot will only be seen in one place this year: Los Angeles. 968 is only going to one regional and not attending the Championships. I wish they could compete more. Therefore, it is obvious that this team is not rolling in the dough. They have just proved that you can build an amazing robot that is capable and beautiful on a limited budget.

Great job to Travis and all of the Robot Alliance of West Covington. You have been making great robots for 4 years now, and everyone is noticing.

Andy B.

Travis, I am once again set back by the quality that RAWC has put out this year. It seems that year after year 968 can only produce high quality robots… Now I’m interested in how nice you ran your electrical system(s) this year. Oh yeah one more thing Happy Birthday.

On a similar note I was talking to Bill and made a statement along the lines of “If that doesn’t win Industrial Design, we should all riot in the streets”

That is one amazing bot and I’m sure it functions just as well as it looks if it’s anything like their past robots and those they borrowed elements from.

Congrats guys, hope you find a way to make it to Atlanta.

I love the design Travis…

My team also looked to past designs from other successful teams for this years robot. We wanted a fast and powerful 2 jointed arm using FP’s and van doors, like 254/60 from last year, a simple to construct and repair arm using box aluminum, much like 179 from 04, a magnificent 4 speed auto (thank the FIRST gods for team 33), and put it all together with the programming methods of wildstang.

I have a few questions though…

What motors are powering the arms (top/base)?

The end effector looks much like that of 229 and 217 (unless I am mistaken). Is that design collaborated with them, or totally original?

Are those 4 speeds auto shifting? Glad to see another team using a 4 speed, it really is amazing.

i like this bot, i would like to see an alliance with you guys and 254, that’d be pretty intresting. Even better would be a match with you guys against 254. Nice bot.

It was our team’s and my personal pleasure to be able to help you out this season, Travis. It was also a lot of fun for me to see the progression of your ideas, and design iterations. Thanks for letting me in on that.

I’ve got to agree with Karthik, Andy, and Cory that this is quite possibly the prettiest robot I’ve seen this year. Knowing Travis and to a lesser extent Kirk, I can tell you with absolute certainty that not only will it sit pretty, but it’ll function well, too.

I’ve said it in a previous post, but I’ll say it again… I’ve got a lot of respect for robot builders/designers like 45/47/65/68/111/etc. but to see this kind of quality of robot out of a team with such few resources blows my mind. That’s a statement not to be taken lightly, either. That’s coming from the guy who, on just $7,5000 (including registration fees, and ~$2,000 of his own money) helped design and build the first swerve drive of any kind in California, and the first 6 motor 111-esque swerve on the west coast. I hope some well-off team down there in SoCal takes notice of this and tries to help West Covina out with recruiting sponsors. This is a powerhouse quality team in mentors and students, and it’s always on the cusp of folding (like the now defunct 258 in NorCal). 968 (Travis and Kirk especially), you guys are amazing, and my hat is off to you guys. Keep up the great work!


We used CIM motors for the top arms, after trying the FP motors with the AndyMark planetary box… Not enough power.

We didn’t collaborate on the design. Kirk Oden, Justin Beardsley, and I designed the 3rd stage elevator and hook actuator. The students helped determine the best shape for the hook, keeping simplicity in mind. Since it is comprised of two simple components, a hook and a stabilizer, I imagine lots of teams will have similar looking devices.

I have to agree with all that this robot infact is the best looking robot i have seen this year and the engineering and workmenship that has gone into this robot is quite amazing. Personally knowing Travis and knowing that team 968 has no machine shop and a handfull of resources, they have done an awesome job. Congrats Team 968 and good luck:)

did You ever get the your electrical problems fixed?

Yes! Thankfully. It turned out to be a (severly) loose screw on the breaker panel for the 10awg wire running to the right side drivetrain motor. It was to the point of nearly falling out. I could have swore we checked that, but it was fairly evident when we took a second look. The no data/radio problems we were having were attributed to an older, mistreated radio modem that we mistakenly brought to chatsworth that day. We were testing with the new one and all seems to be fine. crosses fingers

Both problems were fixed monday morning and we got in a few hours of good practice time on monday night before we crated it up.

Aside from that, thank you all so much for the kind words. I am sure it makes it all worthwhile for the team (myself included) to hear such nice things coming from you all.

Cool i Hope next time were in a alliance together :wink: this year we will all run at our prime

does anyone know wut was wrong with 980 at chatsworth? they seem to be having problems too

thats a nice looking bot, sadly we didn’t have time to powdercoat ours this year :frowning: