pic: Team 968's robot... Kinda

It weighs 47 lbs!

Whoever had to weld that mustve been happy :slight_smile:

That scale looks a lot like the one we were using. I wouldnt doubt that that all is 47 lbs, but the scale we were using said that our prototype bot we made in the last few months weighed in at 135 lbs, when it was really 110 lbs. We got some weights from our weight room and found that the weight almost varies exponentially.

Basically, you might want to be careful using digital scales, or go to the post office and weigh something, then come back and compare it to whatyou get on your scale.


Was your scale completely 100% absoutely level? It seems they are using a scientic balance instead of your average run of the mil scale. In my experience, these scales must be on a firm surface and completely level before you weigh, otherwise you’ll get garbage.

Onto the real thread= Nice robot. Our team wanted to weld, but the me being the cruel mentor that I am wanted to have the flexibility to add in extra frame parts.

We just purchased this scale a few days ago, and so far it seems to be accurate (measuring things of known weight)

The scale says it is accurate to within .5lbs, and we have determined that it is close enough for our purposes. In this picture, the robot parts were centetred, and the scale was level.

As far as the welding goes, we were lucky to have a local company donate their time and help us weld some of it. The parts you see took about 11 hours to weld in total, spread across a few days (one being almost 7 hours in itself!)

so what does it do? it looks like it may be a little ball pusher…or i could be dead wrong.

did you weld your pnuematic cylinder to your frame… I mean I could be mistaken but, it sure looks like you did.

And if you did… Is that legal? … or Safe?

it looks like there is an extension from a pipe out to the nu-matic and it is bolted on.

No, it is not welded. If you look closely you can see a bolt sticking out from the bottom of where the piston mounts to.

Also, ball pushing is a good guess! That’s only a SMALL part of it though.