pic: Team 972 at SFR




Congrats on the win at SF! I noticed your robot looks drastically different from your reveal/TBA photo. Out of curiosity, what was the reason for the changes?


It seems like your using Andymark’s green 4" complaint wheels for your intake. But the most forward wheel is wrapped in high traction material? Have you found this helps at all?


If anyone is looking to replicate it, it looks likeWedgetop Tread.


The photo on our TBA account is of our robot as of week 5 of build season. Our elevator at the time was run by pulleys on each side, which ended up being pretty slow and would get get stuck occasionally on its way down. During week 6, we redesigned our elevator and made it a two-stage linear rail system run by 775s. This turned out to be significantly faster and more reliable at SFR.


The front wheels are wrapped in vexpro wedgetop tread mainly because we needed to slightly decrease the distance between the front wheels to improve grip on the cubes. We found it worked quite well at SFR, though we are beginning a redesign of our intake mechanism for CVR, and the tread will not likely be on this new intake.


I happened across an SFR match and realized your bumper numbering is very likely too small to pass inspection (R28 minimum font 4” tall x ½” stroke). I just wanted to make sure you were aware before CVR where they might catch it.