pic: Team 980 grabs 2X ball 3 seconds into Galileo QF3.1

The 980 “claw” is just starting to clamp autonomously on the 2X ball on the far side of the field.

I always love hearing and seeing great things about 980 because they use the exact same transmission as us (696). The team 716 2003 single speed. I can’t say enough good things about that little gearbox.

we competed against 980 in AZ and saw their autonomous first-hand…it is killer. next to 190’s i’d say it is one of the best autonomouses this year…congrats doug hogg and everybody else on 980

heh, yea I remember that match. Match 1 of Quarter finals in atlanta. They beat us to the goal/ball about a second before us. They were a great robot.

Yeah, I definetly got to give props to 980 because that was one of the best autonomouses that I saw this year because they grabbed the ball and then went and knocked the 10 pt. ball off too. :smiley:

Thanks Collin. Arizona was great. Competing with Team 234 again this year was very exciting, especially as we were trying to win a birth at Atlanta. We didn’t pull it off in Arizona, but, with a little luck, won in S. California.

Yes, but then we were competing against some great robots:177, 27 and 365.

Thanks. We of course wish that we hadn’t hit both 10 pt. balls in that match. However, for pure excitement, that quarter finals was quite something: 1 robot hanging for each alliance and 1 capped goal for each alliance in both of the matches. Thanks again to our partners, Team 236 and Team 971. We would love to replay those matches. So close…

Hope to see you all (partners and opponents) in Atlanta again next year. And if we can pull off going to IRI again this year, we’ll see some of you there.

That would be sweet if you guys made it to IRI. As far as I know some people from our team are planning on attending. See you there :yikes:

I’m glad someone got a picture of 980’s autonomous mode :slight_smile: I was jealous of it all weekend at nationals, and it was fun getting to watch it work match after match over in Galileo. Great job!!!


980’s robot was amazing at Arizona, I hope you guys can make it to IRI again because we’d love to have you again :]

I was reviewing that Quarter Final. Team 27 did an amazing job in that match. After we beat you to the goal/ball, our partner Team 236 got between you and the other goal/ball on the other side of the field, but then you went up on the platform, got the ball there, capped and then got back on the platform in time to block us (after we escaped from Team 177), and then hung. Wow! Hats off to Team 27.