pic: Team 980 Robot 2008 in LA

A cylinder lifts our logo up and we drive under a ball to knock it off. 2 speed, 6-wheel Western drive. Dressed in bumpers when ready for action.
On Winners alliance with 330 and 1717 at 2008 Los Angeles Regional. Team 980 - ThunderBots

Watch out for 980 in galileo; they aren’t the team that will be putting points up, but they have some great defensive plays/strategies and a drive/driver good enough to execute them.

Its amazing how much you modified your robot. You guys went from this to this in only a few days :eek: Its almost like you were planning on how to best compliment 1717’s and 330’s strategies…

Ah, I remember you guys! You totally kicked our butts the one time we went up agaist you. :smiley: Good luck in Atlanta!