pic: Team 980 taking it to the top

This is our new bot caping a tetra.

very nice looking. Youll be at svr right? cant wait to see it in action

So this is our robot this year,
it has four motors on the drive train, it has two speeds, can shift on the fly and has an arm that lifts, rotates, twists and extends. Our robot was able to successfully cap a big goal six times (no time recorded). We also got it to cap six diffefent goals (including big goal) and get back home in 2 minutes.
I’m open to any questions so ask away,
-C :wink:

We’ll see you there man.

i noticed shuggish functionality during the chatsworth Scrimage, despite that we (Bagel Bytes 702) Pick u for semi finals. What was your issues on that day? and if any have you fix them since?

right, about that… at the chatsworth scrimmage we did not have our main drivers. we also hadn’t figured out the most efficient way to get a tetra off the tetra loader. Now that we have our main drivers (with several late nights of practice) and new tactics we are ready to put up some good matches at this weekend’s regional in Arizona.

Another great robot from 980 - it’s too bad we’re not at Arizona this year to see you guys. Hopefully we’ll be in the same division at Nationals - good luck this weekend.

Hey !
You guys have a good one in Florida, sorry we missed you in AZ this year, but we’ll see you at Nationals.


I saw this bot at chatsworth, and I was impressed. Good work, people. I hope you all do well in Arizona.

Is the robot capping in autonomous mode? If so, I have to say that I am not surprised :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see you guys at SVR and LA! Goodluck!

We just came back from Arizona and it was awesome. We finished as #1 seed and paired up with 498 and 96. Unfortunately we lost in the semi-finals, but we did win the Xerox Creativity Award. We are going to San Jose in two weeks and hope to take the sweet blue banner. What Regionals are you guys going to?

:smiley: thanx but we are currently working on it for San Jose, we hope to have it working by then. we’ll see you guys there! :wink:

Yeah, You guys were great competition at the Arizona Regionals. We barely beat you guys. I think that if it wasn’t for you guys flipping over in teh first match, we might’ve lost in the semi-finals once again. I loved playing with you guys. You were all such great sports. :slight_smile:

that was an exciting match, it was cap after cap, then after that defensive move to our arm we experienced our first fall of 2005. all of us on 980 agree you guys have awesome sportsmanship and are great friends! We are also sorry for our pit “spillage”… yeah we gotta work on that, anyway we hope to see you at nationals, good luck in Las Vegas!

That was a nice match. Good luck at Vegas 987 (and 991, 60, and the others going there).

Tell us how the autonomous and the robot works at San Jose, we’re looking to try to get into the LA regional a week later, and team 498 would love to work with you guys again. Maybe this time we can break the high score record, we were so close to having all the goals in the quarter finals!

Yeah I’ll deffinetly let you know how it went! That would be so awesome if youguys could make it to LA! aww man i know we should have gotten it, only two or three seconds more and we would’ve had it, that’d be awesome if we did break it! Good luck on getting over here, all of us on 980 would love it! :smiley: