pic: Team 980 ThunderBots AimHigh Entry

Turret with 360 degree rotation, shoots from top. Ball collector chute with belts. The gossamer basket and ball feeders are not installed for shipment.

nice bot =o

you guys comming to SVR again this year? looking forward to seeing another great robot!

Nice Looking Robot Will your team be back to Az this year?


They both look very nice!

so i wasn’t the only one to notice the similarities, eh? good lookin’ 'bots.

very inovative turret/collection method… I like it

We’ll be there!

Yeah, I noticed too, and did a double-take. Then I remembered that I had heard that they were collaborating. I just had forgotten WHICH two southern California teams were involved.

I cant wait to see the autonomous mode! (Thinks back to 2004 and drools…)

I think three teams in Washington have identical (for some realistic value of “identical”) chassis, although their game systems are different.

I like these twins – innovative, clean, and clever. My biggest question is how on earth did you get TWO teams to agree on a design? We usually can’t get one team to do that…

Awesome Can Wait to Play with your team again!

Nice Rims

Definitly a unique robot

You dont get two team to decide!!! ONE has the mentoring and designing capability and then the other has the machining and resource capability!!! so your left with two identical ROBOTs that are different colors!!!

980 strikes again. Can’t wait to see some footage of it in action - The Thunderbots are always a force to be reckoned with. Good luck guys.

Just because you had a negative collaborative experience, does not mean all have to be so. When 229 worked with 217 last season we had a great experience, both teams shared the work, and both teams benefitted greatly.

The robots were distinctly unique (whenever there was a divergance of opinion that could not be reconciled, the teams went their own way), yet still very similar.

Collaboration can be a very, VERY good thing when done correctly.


yo alan so u know it actually was a positive collaboration where both teams worked as one. Yes team 4 has many more resources then 980 had but the whole bot was designed between the both teams at some very long debate sessions.
we sat for most of the first week figuring out how the most effective way to shoot the ball was and from there we worked out the bot
in terms of their being identical twins that was the point seeing as we decided that together the way the bots worked was the most efficient for this years game
(just my two cents because i actually participated and didnt assume?)

yeah GUy i didnt mean it in a “bad” way it was a funny reply to what another user said about two teams working together and deciding on a desing. i know how it works as can see you guys as well as a couple of other teams benifited from the collaboration team 22 and 254 and 60 had two years ago to design a good gearbox, so i totally support it and its all cool!!

good looking robot!! i think i like the color scheme more than anything!! :smiley: