pic: Team 987 2006-2010 Robots

Team 987’s Robots from 2006 - 2010

And our FTC Team 4583 Champion 2011 Las Vegas FTC Regional Championship robot on the far left on top of black storage box:)

That 2008 robot remains one of my favourite robots of all time. Highly underrated.

i wish we could keep all of our old robots, we only have a few from the whole 18 years of the team.

One questionable division final penalty away from Einstein and a possible match up with your team…and thanks, it’s the favorite of many of our advisors/mentors as well. Even more than our 07 bot;)

Quality robots right there folks, and a team to match. Best of luck this season (though you won’t need it, if 07 was any indication), and I hope we get to work with you guys again!

Back at you, Evan! There is always room for another “Wall of Maroon”, right?

Awesome robots!! It’s cool that you can keep them all like that. 2008 Overdrive is my favorite one. What a great machine!

I remember that 08 machine well. It crushed us on Archi that year.

I love the High Rollers though, class acts. I liked the 09 design as well, it was a unique shooter.

We used to have all of our robots (except 1992 which FIRST has) but last summer when we had to move we had to make some difficult decision and chuck some of our old robots in the dumpster.

:eek: thats horrible. if we had to throw anyway they be in my room…

I don’t have room for six robots in my apartment.

I hope so…