pic: Team 987 The High Rollers' 2008 Robot

This is our 2008 Robot “Pit Boss II” in the pits in San Diego

Any questions?

Another clean lookin’ performer from the High Rollers! What’re the specs on the drivetrain? What sensors do you use for Hybrid?

That robot is a work of art and an efficient machine.

Is the ball ejected only by the wheels or is there some other “kick” mechanism involved?

I’ve been talking to some of their members, it appears to be a combination of the torsion springs in the joints pinching the ball out and the rollers.

-Two speed transmission: 4 ft/s and 16 ft/s
-6061 aluminum arm 3/4" X 1-1/2" tubing
-Two pistons at the base of the arm for reclining ability/shock absorbing
-Spring loaded claw that folds in for starting position

  • Autonomous bar that flips up in autonomous to “rake” the ball off of the overpass; use IR to choose which slot to knock ball off; use encoders and a gyro to keep track of the robot’s position
    -Globe motor worm gear boxes (one on each side of the arm) to lift arm, inspired by team 60
    -Two gas shocks(45 pounders) to aid with arm lifting
    -Encoders for arm positioning and pre-sets for scoring and pickup
    -The “engine” : custom accumulator and regulator mount (is right behind the lexan in the picture), previously shown on these forums

Looks fantastic. Another wonderful machine from the High Rollers. We’ll miss you guys at SVR, and can’t wait to see you at Vegas!

Nice looking bot. Hope we get to play you guys again in Atlanta.